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Lithuanian Publications


Bindokas, Danutė
Gimbutas, Marija
Tamošaitis, Anastazija
Tamošaitis, Antanas
Trulsson, Nora Burba
Vanagunas, Stanley
Yčas-Petkus, Hypatia
Žygas, K. Paul


Amerikos Lietuvis weekly newspaper (L)
Bridges 10 journals per year (E)
Draugas daily newspaper (L)
Draugas News monthly newspaper (E)
Lithuanian Heritage 6 magazines per year (E)
Lituanus quarterly journal (E)

(E): in English only; (L): in Lithuanian only

Online Publications

Paulius Jurkus (project manager), Anthology of Lithuanian Ethnoculture, available from the Lithuanian Folk Culture Center. Contents: Folklore, Songs, Music, Dance, Traditions, Folk Knowledge, Folk Art, National Costume,Traditional Foods, Religion and Mythology.