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Hypatia Yčas-Petkus

Hypatia Yčas-Petkus is the daughter of Martynas Yčas, Minister of Finance and Communications of Lithuania after World War I, and an author of a book of reminiscences of the events of her youth, the years of Lithuania's independence between the two World Wars. Her family's house in Kaunas was frequented by Lithuania's political and cultural elite and Hypatia, a keen observer of people and events, shares her memories and insights in a lively and visual style. The book, Springtime In Lithuania, is in English and is available from the author for $21.95: Hypatia Y. Petkus, 3213 Georgia Street NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110-2624. Springtime In Lithuania was awarded the prize for best biography by the Press Women of New Mexico.

Springtime In Lithuania: Youthful Memories 1920-1940, Adams Press, Chicago. (ISBN 1-929612-19-2)