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Antanas Tamošaitis

Antanas Tamosaitis was born in Barzdai, Lithuania, on February 15, 1906. He graduated from the Fine Arts School of Kaunas in 1929 and lectured there for two years after his graduation. From 1931 to 1940 he was in charge of the folk art and domestic industry section of the Lithuania's Chamber of Agriculture. During the summers he organized expeditions into the countryside to collect folk art and to study the techniques of village weavers. He made an extensive study of the regional differences in Lithuanian dress and was instrumental in popularizing the idea of the Lithuanian national costume. After moving to Canada in 1949, he devoted himself to his own art and worked with oils, water colors, and lithography. He, with his wife Anastazija, were among the founding members of the Lithuanian Folk Art Institute, and published three important books on Lithuanian folk art:

  • Antanas and Anastazija Tamosaitis, Lithuanian National Costume, Lithuanian Folk Art Institute, Toronto, Canada, 1979.
  • Antanas Tamosaitis, Lithuanian Easter Eggs, Lithuanian Folk Art Institute, Toronto, Canada, 1982.
  • Anastazija and Antanas Tamosaitis, Lithuanian Sashes, Lithuanian Folk Art Institute, Toronto, Canada, 1983.