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Lithuanian museums:
Lithuanian Museum Of Art, Lemont, IL

Location and Hours

Lithuanian Museum of Art
Lithuanian World Center (lower level)
14911 127th Street
Lemont, IL 60439
phone: 630-257-2034 or 630-257-8787
hours: Saturdays and Sundays from 11AM to 2PM, weekdays by appointment

About the Museum

The Museum was created by the federation of four separate organizations, each with its own collection and staff, and was opened to the public at the present location on November 18, 1989. The member organizations were:
(1) Lithuanian Art Gallery Čiurlionis. The gallery was founded in 1957 and owns over 550 works by Lithuanian artists.
(2) Art Society Dailė. The Society owns over 300 works by native and emigrant Lithuanian artists.
(3) Lithuanian Institute of Fine Arts.
(4) Lithuanian Folk Art Institute. The Institute has an extensive collection of textiles, looms, wood carvings, ceramics, and other Lithuanian folk art.

Since its founding the Museum received a collection of 128 wood carvings by 14 contemporary Lithuanian wood sculptors. The collection was assembled in Lithuania and transported to the U.S. by Romas Pukstys and represents a gift of the sculptors to the Lithuanians of the world. These works are on a permanent display in the Wood Carvers' Gallery of the Museum.

Selections from the Museum's Collection

The aim of this webpage is to provide a small visual sample of the many artifacts displayed in the Museum to a wider audience. The photographs, available at this time, were taken somewhat hurriedly and some are marred by the reflections of lights. In many cases, the specific information identifying the artist and the artwork are missing. When better or additional photographs become available, the following gallery of images will be improved and expanded. Identifying and descriptive information will be added as it becomes available.

Christ   Paintings and graphic art (20).
prayer   Various three dimensional works (13).
Christ   Wood sculptures from Lithuania (15).
sutkus   Fiber art, costumes, sashes and tools (10).
Easter egg   Easter eggs decorated by Juozas Jasiūnas, part A (15).
Easter egg   Easter eggs decorated by Juozas Jasiūnas, part B (15).
Easter egg   Easter eggs decorated by Juozas Jasiūnas, part C (15).
Easter egg   Easter eggs decorated by Jadvyga Penčyla (15).
Easter egg   Easter eggs decorated by Zunė Zilevičius (15).


Any use, other than personal, of the images of the museum's collection shown at this website must be with the permission of the museum's staff. The address and telephones are given at the top of this page.