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Lithuanian legends & lore:

Puntukas stone

Near the town of Anykščiai next to a pine forest there is a very large stone called Puntukas. It is 23 feet long, 22 feet wide, and 19 feet high. Locals say that Puntukas used to be in the forest, but when the people built the local church on a path used by Velnias, ruler of the Underworld, he became very upset and decided to block the entrance of the church with Puntukas. It took a major effort for Velnias to move the stone, but with the help of all the evil spirits under his command he was able to lift it and to start carrying it. They were working at night and in secret. However, just as they got to the edge of the forest, the first rays of dawn appeared in the east and a rooster started to crow. Velnias and his helpers were so startled, that they dropped Puntukas at its present location and ran away.

Unconvinced, scientists argue that Puntukas was carried here by glaciers during the last Ice Age from Scandinavia. (Click here to read more legends.)