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Past events in Arizona:
Fall Picnic in Phoenix

  Date: October 28, 2001
  Place: North Phoenix Mountain Park, Phoenix, Arizona

It was the end of October, but in the Arizona desert the temperature was still in the 90's. What a beautiful day for a picnic! Many agreed and came to the Yavapai pavilion in the North Phoenix Mountain park to listen to Lithuanian music, to eat hearty Lithuanian food, to refresh themselves with cold drinks, to sing Lithuanian songs, and mostly to meet old friends and make new ones. Among the new faces at our picnic were the newly married Rich Dixon's wife Aldona with her son Martynas, Zenonas Misius's bride-to-be Jurate, Bill Rozaitis, Kristina Mengeling, Juozas and Marija Proskus, and Vladas and Aukse Miklius from Prescott. Juozas Proskus had just reached his 93rd birthday! It was especially wonderful to see a good number of young faces among our guests.

The picnic was hosted by the members of the Arizona Chapter of the Lithuanian-American Community. Our special thanks goes to Aldona Vaitkus for preparing the hot food; to Carol Adamavich, Ilona Budinavicius, Birute Dirse, Maryte Tallat-Kelpsa, Nora Trulsson, and Severina Vanagunas for providing the desserts; to Vytas Reklaitis for providing the cold drinks; to Severina Vanagunas for decorating the picnic site and tables; to Audra Motiejunas and Joana Ziuraitis for selling lottery tickets and assisting with the lottery; and to Juozas Budinavicius for being our master of ceremonies and running the lottery.

left view
On the left.
center view
In the center.

On the right.

Aldona, Paulius, Daiva, & Zenonas.

Juozas celebrates his 93rd.

Aldona, Rick, & Junona.
trio 3
Jurate, Zenonas, & Junona.

Joana, Audra, & Aldona.
Ready to sing.

(photos by R. Vidziunas)