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Past events in Arizona:
Picacho Peak Hike

 Date: February 21, 2001
 Place: Picacho Peak State Park, Arizona

A small group (4 from Phoenix, 2 from Tucson, 1 from Casa Grande, and 2 visitors from Iowa) got together for a hike on the Hunter Trail of the Picacho Peak State Park. The peak has been used as a landmark by travelers for more than 150 years. Although rather short, only 2 miles to the peak, the hike is strenuous, especially from the saddle to the peak. There are steel cables to hold on to while one is scrambling on what looks like a rather vertical climb. In some places it could be called bouldering. One starts at an elevation of about 2000 feet and goes to 3,374 feet at the very peak. The views are fantastic. If you can get away for a day midweek or on the weekend - do it soon, while the popies are still in bloom.

Picacho wildflowers.

Near the summit.

View along the trail.
at summit
At the summit.

going down
Using arms and legs.

Critique session at the end of the hike.

(photos by D. Adamavich)